Kruidvat 'Steeds verrassend, altijd voordelig!' (always surprising, always advantageous)
Who doesn’t know Kruidvat? On a weekly basis, more than 3 million clients shop at Kruidvat. This makes Kruidvat the market leader in the health and beauty market in the Netherlands and Belgium. A position we are proud of. Our company has more than 1,000 shops and more than 15,000 employees who every day again are the very best they can to fulfil our motto: Always surprising, always advantageous.

Special offers
As special drugstore, we bring health and beauty closer to the consumer. Kruidvat offers an extensive, attractive and varied range of health and beauty articles. And also a surprising range of products which are alien to the branch such as CDs, toys and decorative articles for in and around the house. This assortment is supplemented with special offers (such as train tickets and hotel vouchers). All of the products combine high quality with a very attractive price.

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