At Jumbo, we want to exceed expectations. Every day, everywhere, for every customer. We hence offer a formula that goes one step further. A store that has everything in order. The very best service, the largest and very best selection as well as the lowest price. We want to offer our customer the best in all areas. This is guaranteed to all customers with no strings attached. This is how we make out of Jumbo customers real Jumbo fans.

To go further where others stop
Based on the conviction that it can always be better, different and cheaper, we have the drive to every day make the impossible possible. By going further where others stop. We therefore are continuously building on an enterprising, solid and committed organization that focuses on the customer and is ready for the future. Thanks to our winning mentality and constant focus on the customer, we want to be successful in every market area in which we operate.

Jumbo is the only supermarket chain in the Netherlands to combine these three elements.
We work hard to have our customers go home completely satisfied. Employees at Jumbo are challenged to go the extra mile. Everyone takes responsibility as much as possible. Customers of Jumbo can choose between more than 32,000 different (branded) articles. If something is lacking, the employees make sure that the relevant article is included in the product range within two weeks. Jumbo guarantees the lowest prices of the Netherlands.

Laag Mosae Forum 5-6, 6211 DV Maastricht
T +31(0)43-325 06 16, www.jumbosupermarkten.nl

When spending at least € 25,- one hour of free parking!