Our secret? Simple. We love our guests. From spoiling and preparing a nice sandwich in a responsible way. That’s why we’re not only hospitable in a Limburg way, but we also practise “gastronomy”; the art of flavour and tasting.

For us, a ‘Bufke’ – in Belgian Limburg the word for ‘nice titbit’ or ‘nice snack’ – hence is much more than a snack or a bite to eat. Since 1996, our Bufkes have been a combination of the finest qualities. Fresh sandwiches, prepared according to traditional methods, lavishly filled with tasty, fresh and honest ingredients, based on traditional recipes. Mostly homemade and without exception prepared with care, love and old-fashioned skill, especially for you!

This philosophy makes our sandwiches, warm or cold, unique. Hits such as the sandwich Werrem Sjink (warm ham) – on the spot freshly cut – and the Limburger have become world-famous in the Netherlands and are in taste and richness of filling not at all comparable with the products of others.

Besides our warm or cold sandwiches, at Bufkes, you can also enjoy homemade soups, fresh salads, surprising menus, cold and hot drinks, fresh juices, sweets and grill products.

But hey, don’t think we are standing still because of our success! For our gastronomic nature makes that we are constantly looking for new flavours and combinations. So that our Bufkes will keep on surprising you. We do not do trends, we do Bufkes!

Warm or cold, young and old, it remains a pure and affordable pleasure at Bufkes. Be welcomed with a warm smile. As you can see, at Bufkes, we love our guests. And that’s why you keep on coming back…

Laag Mosae Forum 13, 6211 DV Maastricht
T +31(0)43-321 24 75, www.bufkes.nl