Amazing oriental

The idea “if it comes from far away, it's good” has become out of date by now. For the best products, you don’t have to look any further than your own environment!  With its 20 branches, Amazing Oriental is the biggest Asian supermarket chain in the Netherlands. Amazing Oriental has the widest offer, for a One-Stop-Shop, with its range of more than 8,000 authentic leading brands from Asia. Discover the ease of instant noodles in more than 200 different flavours and the wonderfully varied Dim Sum snacks in the freezing compartments that you can use as brunch during the weekend. Pass through the aisle of our herb and spice section for the essential delicious seasoning in your dishes. Choose from more than 100 sambals, authentic and ready-to-use sauces to wok with. In our vegetable section, you will find our fresh vegetables and spices that have been selected especially for you.

Laag Gubbelstraat 38, 6211 CG Maastricht
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